We train world-class engineers

A two-year program that includes on-site work with other engineers.

WEKonline teaches the in-demand technology skills you need to land your dream job. Live your dreams, love your job.

A total of 18 courses are required for graduation, each of which includes a final project that will boost your portfolio. In your second year, you will take part in an internship program where you will earn certificate credits and work experience.

* Some internship positions are compensated.


All graduates receive an official certificate issued by EDUonGo, Inc.

EDUonGo partners with over 1000 institutions across 109 countries. They provide quality education to the world by enabling subject-matter experts and institutions to use the best state of the art technology on the market.

EDUonGo’s certified engineers work for fortune 500 companies where they produce world-class projects.

Will WEK ever offer degree programs?

Never say never! However, WEK currently only trains new students and graduates from other schools in order to help launch them into their dream careers.