Baba Kofi Weusijana

Educational Software Engineer & Researcher

Baba Weusijana is an educational software engineer and learning sciences researcher. He has been in the IT industry since the 1990's and currently teaches software design at Bellevue College.

Weusijana is a former lead software engineer for the Virtual Math Teams (VMT) Project at Drexel University's Math Forum, researcher of multi-user virtual environments, investigator of educational software usage for the needs of home-schoolers, and principle designer and researcher of a web-based Socratic tutoring system for the National Science Foundation's VaNTH Engineering Research Center.

Weusijana also has a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences (an interdisciplinary field that includes Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Educational Psychology, Social-Cultural Sciences, and other disciplines) from Northwestern University. He earned his Bachelors in Computer Science and a Masters in Internet Software Engineering from San Jose State University.

Since 2007, Weusijana has taught computer science courses that include academic computer skills (web development, Flash development, and teaching with technology), Visual Basic programming, and PHP, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, AJAX, and jQuery.

Weusijana has also co-facilitated graduate seminars at the University of Washington and has given presentations on behavioral-driven development and educational software design.